The Honeymoon Fund

After the wedding, we plan to spend two weeks on the islands of 🌴 Fiji 🌴. We're very excited to see the crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and exotic flora and fauna, but we also want to do some fun stuff while we're there.

That's where you come in! Instead of sending us an item for our home, we invite you to offer a monetary gift which will directly contribute to our honeymoon. Below, we've listed some of the experiences that we're looking most forward to. When you're ready, click the button below.

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    Private picnic
    We'll take a boat to a private island, where we can explore, relax, and enjoy a light lunch.
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    Ziplining, orchid garden, and mud bath adventure
    We'll spend the day ziplining through the lush Fiji forest, walking through a garden full of beautiful native orchids, and cooling off in a mud bath that's frequented by not only the tourists but also the locals.
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    Cloud 9
    We're intrigued by this boat floating in the middle of the ocean, which features around the clock DJs, an Italian wood-fired pizzeria, and plenty of daybeds to chill and enjoy the view.
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    "Twilight Tadra" couple's massage
    After a long day of adventuring, we will be sure to enjoy a refreshing drink followed by a foot scrub, a massage, and a milk bath.
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    Scuba diving
    We can't wait to step into the suit, strap on the goggles, jump in and experience the underwater world.
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    "Eternal Happiness" couple's massage
    We will fully embrace our honeymoon by starting with a sugar body scrub, followed by an foot wrap and a healing stone massage.
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    Romantic dinner
    We'll enjoy a private dinner with a full view of the ocean.
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